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ECTS / Credit Methodology

ISEM applies the European credit transfer system affecting 60 ECTS credits each year validated , 180 credits at the end of the main cycle of 3 years ( as NCPR ) and 120 credits in the event of a Postgraduate validation cycle.

Awarded credits the success of the student exams and enhance professional experiences . The course is validated upon obtaining a score greater than or equal to 10/20 the allocations . In case of no validation , students are invited to events to catch up.

For periods abroad throughout ECTS validated are recognized when they are issued by an institution registered in European qualification frameworks . For establishments not applying the ECTS credit system , an educational commission investigates the elements validated to allocate funds based on the skills obtained .

The Teaching Regulations.

Real study contract , the student agrees by signing to follow its rules and regulations with diligence and regularity :
– 1st year teaching Regulations .
– 2nd year Teaching Regulations .
– 3rd year teaching Regulations .

Validation :

Validation is binary : either the student obtains an overall score greater than or equal to 10 /20 and all credit to him is acquired , a grade is less than 10 /20 and he gets no credit. The evaluation procedures of each module are detailed in the Teaching Regulations that are signed by students during registration.

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