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Recognition procedure

  • Undergraduate Fashion Business Program

Certificate from France’s National Commission for Professional Certificates (CNCP) for fashion business curriculums. An interministerial commission, the CNCP (http://www.cncp.gouv.fr/site/cncp/lang/fr/Accueil35701) is responsible for examining and evaluating the trainings given by professional schools.

The Undergraduate Fashion Business Program curriculum is part of the L.M.D. (Bachelor-Master-Doctoral) system which unifies European higher learning institutions and establishes diploma equivalencies that facilitate mobility and the continuation of studies. It is accompanied by a system of accumulated study credits known as ECTS (http://www.europe-education-formation.fr/bologne-ECTS.php)

The Undergraduate Fashion Business Program curriculum lets students receive a certified Level II title, code NSF 240w310 “Manager of Commercial Fashion and Communication Strategy” registered with the RNCP (National Repertory of Profession Certificates) by the CNCP (France’s National Commission for Professional Certificates) in a decree published in the JORF (Official Journal of the French Republic) on July 22, 2010.

According to the professional titles of 1969 (http://www.ciep.fr/enic-naricfr/attestation.php) which are currently in effect, Level II corresponds to competence for a bachelor or masters degree. It defines those employees holding jobs which usually require training at a level comparable to a bachelor or masters degree (in the operational context).

What are the advantages of the certificate ?

Certificates registered with the RNCP are recognized throughout France and Europe, because of their value with companies. They indicate the student’s competency, since this certified diploma is recognized in collective conventions. This title is accompanied, in the context of the European Education Formation France Agency (http://www.europe-education-formation.fr/ by a Europass Portfolio which has 5 documents (including a supplement describing the certificate). Its objective is to show the skills acquired in the training and emphasize them with recruiters.

In the context of the ISEM (European Fashion Institute) 3-year Undergraduate Fashion Business Program curriculum, the school established a convention in 1989 with Université Lumière Lyon 2, a public university, to “collaborate on developing courses and trainings geared to professional careers in the fashion industry”.


  • Postgraduate Program International Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

By continuing the Undergraduate Fashion Design & Creation curriculum or an equivalent training (bac+3), Postgraduate International Fashion & Luxury Brand Management is a 4th year of studies oriented towards luxury, marketing, management and communication as it applies to fashion. Students earn a diploma from the school that is recognized and accepted by professionals.


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